The Mighty Icebergs of Greenland with Hans Strand

18 – 23 August 2022

Location: Greenland

Price: £3,565 / $4,830 (£3,345 / $ 4,535 for AP subscribers)

Experience the magic beauty of Greenland, along with our internationally known landscape photographer, Hans Strand. During this inspiring workshop, Hans will take you to some incredible places around Ilulissat Icefjord and Disko Bay on western Greenland. On foot and by boat, you will have the opportunity to photograph the dramatic landscapes and sparkling icebergs of the Arctic at its most beautiful.

greenland iceberg holiday


  • See the spectacular scenery of Greenland, including the mighty glaciers of Kangia and Eqi.
  • Visit Ilulissat, City of the Icebergs.
  • An opportunity to photograph whales and sea-dwelling birds in Disko Bay.
  • Boat trips among giant icebergs and calving glaciers.
  • Several hikes in the evening light, the absolute best light for these types of images.
  • Hans Strand will show you his favourite places.
  • Photography guidance and lectures from Hans Strand.

What’s included?

  • All ground transfers according to the itinerary.
  • Accommodation in a shared twin room (single room supplement for £545 or $404)
  • Meals according to itinerary below (Breakfast – B, Lunch – L, Dinner – D)
  • All activities according to the program.
  • Boat rides.
  • Guidance and workshops by Hans Strand during the trip.
  • English speaking travel host from Zoom.
  • All taxes and other local fees.

Excluded: Return flight to Greenland, all expenses of personal nature like drinks, laundry etc, and travel insurance.

You should arrange your travel so you are at Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat at about 14.00 on August 18th. Hotel Arctic offers a free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. The return trip will take place on the morning of 23 August. We have received a special price on flights to Iluissat with Air Greenland. If you want help with booking flights, we are more than happy to assist with this.

What should I bring?

  • A camera.
  • We recommend Telephoto zoom lenses of at least 200-300 mm and wide angle lenses, at least 24 mm.
  • Suitable, warm and waterproof clothing, and gloves
  • Sturdy tripod.
  • A laptop with any image editing software.
greenland glacier


Day 1 (18/8) – Welcome to Greenland

In the afternoon, we gather at the first-class hotel Arctic, in Ilulissat, the City of Icebergs.  Here you will be met by Hans Strand and a host from Zoom Photo Tours.

After checking in, we will have lunch followed by an inspiring lecture from Hans. Hans has visited Greenland a large number of times and will combine beautiful images from some of the areas we will visit, with practical tips on what to consider when we document the Greenland landscape with our cameras.

We will then head out on our first photo hike in the area around Ilulissat. One destination will be Ilulissat Icefjord, and the glacier Kangia, which produces 20 million metric tons of iceberg every day.

After dinner, when the sun begins to set, we set out with a specially chartered boat for a fantastic encounter with Greenland’s icebergs in late evening light. We will encounter giant ice walls that gradually change color from yellow to pink, as the sun approaches the horizon. If we are a little extra lucky, there may also be one or two whales that appears infront of our boat. (D)

Day 2 (19/8) – Shimmering Icebergs

We begin the day with an early morning walk to the Inuit community Ilulissat and its surroundings. At the harbor we’re met by a swarm of fishing boats and seabirds, all framed by the colorful houses associated with the Greenlandic style of construction. After lunch, we will go through our photos. We will start working both on post-processing but we will also have open discussions about photography and Hans will provide constructive criticism and guidance.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to photograph the icebergs again in brand new angles and conditions with foregrounds of beautiful cliffs, polished smooth by years of exposure to ice and water.

After dinner we do an evening hike along the coast to the top of a headland south of Ilulissat. Here we photograph the icebergs in twilight, which will be a fantastic end to a day among Greenland’s mighty icebergs. (B, L, D)

Ilulissat community greenland

Day 3 (20/8) – Whales and calving glaciers

Early in the morning we head off by boat. Along the Ataa Fjord we feast our eyes on a spectacular coastal landscape towards the glacier Eqi where powerful photography opportunities await us.

During the boat trip, there’s a good chance of snapping shots of the humpback, bowhead, minke, and finback whales. When we arrive in Eqi, we will have the wondrous experience of seeing the glacier calving, and large ice masses plunging into the sea from the close to 90 meters high wall of ice.

Hearing the roaring sound from the ice as it breaks loose and witnessing the power when it strikes the water surface is a magnificent natural experience that also provides an opportunity for many spectacular images.

Hans will show you how to think in creating interesting cutouts and compositions of the mighty ice wall that rises before us.

On the way back we’ll take a photography stop in Oqaatut. This is a secluded small village with only 40 inhabitants, who primarily make their living by fishing. Here, we will also have an opportunity to document the Greenlandic culture more closely. Back at the hotel we eat a late dinner and reflect on today’s adventures. (B, L, D)

misty greenland glacier

Day 4 (21/8) – Greenland’s Landscape

We will start the day with a review of yesterday’s photography yield. Hans will help with working on the images on the computer and will provide personal feedback.

After lunch, we head out into the landscape between Ilulissat and the Icefjord to photograph the smaller landscape, such as rock formations, rifts and the low-growing vegetation of blueberry bushes, mosses, and colorful lichens.

We also visit a bay where smaller icebergs are mirrored in the crystal-clear waters. After dinner, when the sun begins to set, we make another trip with a specially chartered boat for a fantastic meeting with Greenland’s icebergs in late evening light. No two nights are alike in the Arctic.

Day 5 (22/8) – Photo assignment

During the morning we will work with the pictures we have taken in the last few days on the computer and talk about our pictures together. Hans will sit with you and guide you in how to handle the images.

After lunch, Hans will hand out some photo assignments based on what you’ve learnt during our days in Greenland, which you will do and then present during the evening. Then Hans will also appoint the Best image of the trip, which will proceed to the finale of the competition “Picture of the year – 2022″. The evening ends with a final dinner together at Ulo, Greenland’s absolutely best restaurant. (B, L, D)

Day 6 (23/8) – Departure from Greenland

After an early breakfast and check-out from the hotel, it is time to get to the airport and travel home from there on your own. (B)

greenland glacier

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