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Still-life photography: A moment of stillness

There is something incredibly soothing about still life photography. When the world outside feels out of control, simply arranging objects in an aesthetically pleasing way can be a real tonic for the soul. This genre of photography is great for…

The Minolta 110 Zoom SLR - 110 film cameras

110 Film Cameras: SLRs, non-reflex and novelty cameras

Back in 1963 Kodak introduced the Instamatic system with a cartridge film called 126. It was a great success and remained so until, in 1972, the photo giant did it again with a new range of cameras called Pocket Instamatics.…

Eurasian sparrowhawk - how to photograph wildlife from a hide

How to Photograph Wildlife From a Hide

Most of us are familiar with that fleeting moment when a sparrowhawk weaving through the washing line and over the fence both arrives and is gone quicker than you can say its name. But view one up close and you…

No ordinary cowboy

‘I love Robert Capa’s war photography and I think of these boys in this daredevil way, almost like they’re going into battle. If they were born at a different time, they’d be going off to war to prove themselves instead…

Going it on foot: Top tips for shooting locally

For a year now I’ve been going for regular local photo walks. I had been writing about my experiences in order to encourage people to do the same. Then Covid-19 happened. With the present virus lockdown we’ve all had to…

Reshape and Reclaim

Despot, tyrant, oppressor, Kim fatty the third, nuke kid on the block – there are many derogatory terms to describe North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. The secretive nation with the world’s fourth-largest standing military and access to chemical weapons…

Nature on your doorstep

With the world in a global lockdown, this spring is like no other you’ve probably ever experienced. Yet, we can also take advantage of what is right on our doorstep that we have never discovered before. Just because our world…

Instagram Matt Inwood compositions

How to succeed on Instagram

Instagram offers a way to connect and communicate like no other social media platform. Tracy Calder speaks to four photographers who have really reaped its benefits

Nikon Snapbridge

Nikon SnapBridge app

In the latest of our series on using your smartphone and camera, Richard Sibley studies Nikon’s SnapBridge app

Luminar 4 black and white

Skylum’s Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that draws on AI yet also offers advanced controls. Angela Nicholson explains the key features

Federico Borella five degrees

Human impact | Photo Stories

Federico Borella’s project won the main prize at the Sony World Photography Awards 2019. Here he tells Amy Davies more about the moving story

Used cameras mountain pass

Used and approved

We sent four eminent, experienced photographers a range of used cameras and lenses. They tell Geoff Harris how they got on in the field