Get your portraits noticed with some clever in-camera lens-distortion techniques that don’t cost the earth. Jake Hicks shows you how

Get the look

1. Set up the lighting


I’ve used classic clamshell lighting here with one Bowens beauty dish above and a small softbox fill-light below. You will need to add some light that will not only help to add shape to your model, but will also shine directly into the lens.


2. Direct light


As we are trying to create flare, it is important that light shines into the lens but is just out of shot. Here I have positioned two gridded flash heads behind the model that are pointing back towards the camera and lighting the model’s hair.


3. Add colour


To introduce some interest and colour to the shot, I have added coloured gels to the two backlights. I have used orange and blue as they are complementary colours and work well together in an image.

4. Diffusion


Now the fun begins because all I have done here is add a diffusion filter to the lens of my camera. The diffusion filter is scattering the coloured light as it enters my lens, giving this fantastic flare effect.

5. Shoot-through


To finish off the look, I have used the Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 50. You can see how it blurs the bottom of the image, drawing the viewer’s attention right up to the focused area of the model’s eyes.

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