Annabel Williams takes two readers out onto the streets of London to show them how to use the urban environment to achieve successful portrait shots. Tom Doyle reports

Portraiture Masterclass – Lighting

With locations popping up all the time, Annabel tells our readers that natural light can create gorgeous pictures.


Photo by Sue Kennedy


Exploring the various angles from which to shoot will reveal the best working position


‘Natural light in the urban environment can be flattering to
your subject, and with conditions such as these you will be left with little work to do in post-production,’ she explains.

One of Annabel’s favourite methods is trying out the same
location from opposite angles.

Not only will your actions help you to make the distinction between lighting in the area, but it will also give confidence to
your subject.


‘This fulfils two purposes: it gives you a better idea of what will make a good shot, and it can also fill the person with confidence if you make a point of saying that they look better from a certain position,’ she says.

‘Your search for the perfect lighting with added positive reinforcement will improve your subject’s confidence and produce better pictures.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that with a lens pointed at them, people will always feel like they are being judged – so make yourself a good judge and tell them what you think of them.’

Photo by Helen Schryver

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