Portraiture Masterclass - AP photographer Andrew Sydenham demonstrates to three readers how a simple arrangement of lights can produce effective portrait photography. Oliver Atwell joins them


Photo by Andrew Sydenham

Andrew explains how to use reflectors to the best effect. ‘The best way to establish a more balanced distribution of light is to use a reflector,’ says Andrew. ‘A white reflector will bounce light back into a subject, which will help to soften areas that would otherwise be quite dark, and act as a general fill light. Silver reflectors reflect more light back into your shot and are a lot cooler with regards to colour temperature,’ adds Andrew. ‘The effect will be a little more dramatic and give you stronger contrasts. Alternatively, a gold reflector will project warmth onto your subject.

  1. 1. Portraiture
  2. 2. Breaking it down
  3. 3. Lenses and Depth of Field
  4. 4. High-key lighting
  5. 5. Reflectors
  6. 6. Three-Point Lighting
  7. 7. Low-key Lighting
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