Tips and techniques on portrait photography, including how to shoot great portrait photographs, best kit for portrait photography, how to light portraits, and everything else you might need to know about shooting great portrait images.

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Portrait photography

Rules are made to be broken. Our experts suggest shooting as wide as possible, blowing highlights and experimenting with mixed lighting

Paterson family portraits

Discuss what it is your subjects want and start with tried-and-tested poses before advancing to more ambitious ideas. James Paterson gives his tips on shooting…

With modern LED lighting it's easier than ever to create classic lighting set-ups for portraiture. Check out our behind-the-scenes video with portrait pro James Paterson,…

Portrait tips

Entice yourself to shoot portraits by experimenting with different materials, sculpting your portraits, adding flare and more, using our experts’ top tips

Amy Drucker Family Portraits

It's always a good time for candid images of young family members that you will treasure all year round. Amy Drucker shares her insights and…

Photographer Phil Sharp explains how shallow depth of field can add an extra dimension to your portrait photography. He talks to Oliver Atwell

Through his photography, Terence Donovan captured the 1960s’ spirit like nobody else, photo historian Robin Muir tells David Clark

A single light source can produce striking results when used creatively

Lighting techniques have been around far longer than photography. The basics of photography may have been formulated in the early 1800s, but photographic lighting principles…

Opera by the River pic by Edmond Terakopian

We speak to multi award-winning photographer Edmond Terakopian, about his new exhibition Opera by the River, a photographic essay documenting the creative process of putting…

Inspire your portrait images with new ideas by trying out some of our portrait photography projects