home printing

Top tips for printing photos at home

The type and number of inks, and what you lay them on, can have a massive effect on photo-printing quality. Matthew Richards shows you how to make your images look good on paper

Video: Classic lighting set-ups you should know

With modern LED lighting it's easier than ever to create classic lighting set-ups for portraiture. Check out our behind-the-scenes video with portrait pro James Paterson, to see how it's done

Photography rules shoot at midday

Photography rules worth breaking

Rules help us take better pictures, but blind devotion can result in clichéd pictures. James Paterson suggests a few ways to break free

Paul Hobson wildlife watch

Wildlife watch: Nightingales

These migratory birds arrive in Britain for spring, says Paul Hobson. Once heard, the song of the nightingale is never forgotten

Wildlife tips

Top tips for 2018: Wildlife photography

It’s important to plan and understand your subject, reveal background texture to add context to a picture, and nail the exposure and focusing. Learn from the pros

Drone photography

Drone photography tips for beginners

Interested in drone photography for landscapes but don’t know where to begin? James Paterson gets you off the ground with his practical starter guide

RPS days

RPS: A day of distinction

Wondering how good your photography really is? A distinction, such as those offered by the RPS, can be a good benchmark. Geoff Harris finds out more

Macro lighting

Macro photography lighting tips

Light is key to revealing intricate details of tiny subjects. Macro specialist Colleen Slater shares her top tips and lighting techniques

still-life photography

Still-life photography tips

Still-life photography leaves nothing to chance. Tim Clinch explains how to maximise the potential of this classical and underused genre of photography

Macro insects and bugs

Insect macro photography tips

Macro photography proves that small is beautiful, and is a wonderful way to reveal the intricacies of insects and bugs. Ross Hoddinott gives his top tips

Food photography tips: adding human interest

Food photography is much more than close-ups of beautifully lit and styled food, or restaurant interiors. As award-winning food photographer Mark Benham explains, it’s also about people