Macro Still Life Masterclass with Paul Hobson

Wildlife photographer Paul Hobson and three AP readers explore the possibilities of studio-based macro still life and show how the simplest of lighting set-ups can produce creative results. Oliver Atwell joins them

Photo Insight with David Noton – Poppies

David Noton used a panoramic camera to capture this exquisite poppy field near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in southern France, and explains how he drew inspiration from the painter Vincent van Gogh

Landscape photography

Richard Sibley finds the best time of day to shoot, and looks at what to do if the weather isn't on your side

Seascape photography

Three days on the Devon coast gave Angela Nicholson the perfect opportunity to capture a memorable seascape

Cityscape photography

Many city dwellers never pay any attention to the buildings that surround them everyday. Barney Britton takes a fresh look at a familiar landmark - London's St Paul's Cathedral