Landscape photography

Richard Sibley finds the best time of day to shoot, and looks at what to do if the weather isn't on your side

Seascape photography

Three days on the Devon coast gave Angela Nicholson the perfect opportunity to capture a memorable seascape

Cityscape photography

Many city dwellers never pay any attention to the buildings that surround them everyday. Barney Britton takes a fresh look at a familiar landmark - London's St Paul's Cathedral

Depth of field vs resolution

Using an aperture that strikes the right balance between depth of field and resolution is essential for getting maximum detail in your images. Angela Nicholson explains how to make an informed choice

Photo Insight with David Noton – Durdle Door

David Noton explains how, by waiting for the perfect light and using a 10-stop ND filter to turn the sea mist and show the movement in the sky, he was able to create this classic image of Durdle Door in…

Wedding photography: Avoid the pitfalls

You may not be a professional wedding photographer, but there's no reason why you can't take great wedding photographs. We offer wedding photography advice advice on how to overcome the challenges you will face on the big day

DIY Aerial Photography

Clearly, most photographers don't have access to a light aircraft or helicopter, so Richard Sibley shows you how to have a go at aerial photography with just a few balloons and some helium

Macro Photography

We use the term macro photography when taking close-up images, but are we applying it correctly?