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Essential Gear For Landscape Photography

So, now you're ready to get out and start shooting landscapes, here are some handy accessories to consider when heading out for a day's landscape photography...


How to shoot summer landscape photographs

Summer is often a landscape photographer's least favourite season. To make the most of the summer months you need to adjust your approach and technique to suit the conditions...

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How To Shoot Coastal Landscapes

Why not head to the sea and try your hand at some coastal landscapes? Many of the rules for landscape photos are relevant for coastal images. However, coastal scenes are unique for a number of reasons...

Macro Photography

How to Take Macro Photos

Alan McFaden explains how to take macro photos in our quick and easy guide. See the equipment, settings and Photoshop tricks you'll need for great macro pictures

How to Photograph Flowers Close Up

In our close up flower photography tips John Freeman reveals the equipment and techniques behind some of his favourite flower photographs...