How to get sharper images

Avoid soft pictures forever with our essential tips and technique that show you how to get sharper images

How to photograph zoos

How to photograph zoos

We show you how to photograph zoos using just a digital SLR with a long zoom lens, and lots of patience, followed by some careful post-production work in Photoshop....

70-200 28 EX DG OS HSM lens

Essential wedding photography equipment

Need to know your essential wedding photography equipment? Here's the kit that pro shooter Brett Harkness uses and some standard kit for you to consider...

Wedding photography tips – After the wedding

So the wedding is over, you've taken all of the photographs that you needed to. What do you do next? We give you advice on how to choose the final selection and create a photo book...

Wedding reception

How to photograph a wedding reception

Wondering how to photograph a wedding reception? We tell you how to plan your shots and photograph the wedding reception, and what details and shots you should look out for.

Wedding photography planning

Need help with your wedding photography planning? We give you our top tips for preparing to photography a wedding, including the agreement, insurance, locations and equipment...

Wedding photography checklist

Planning to photograph a wedding? Make sure you have everything prepared by following our wedding photography checklist...

John Freeman portrait shoot 2

Home Studio Portraits

Achieving great studio portraits doesn't mean you need a glut of flashguns and expensive studio lighting. Professional photographer and author John Freeman shows how you can save a packet by using just available light...

Lighting Portraits with Torches

Proving you don't need expensive studio lights, conceptual photographer Chad Coombs talks us through two innovative images of his that are lit with nothing more than pocket torches

summer portrait

How to Shoot Summer Portraits

For the portrait photographer the great outdoors provides an endless variety of locations, backgrounds and props and the best, most natural lighting you'll find anywhere - if you know how to use it. Our summer portraits guide shows you how...