uv filter

Filters explained

Filters explained: We look at the use of filters in photography and explain the different types...

How to use ISO

The ISO settings control the sensitivity of the camera's sensor, and higher settings should be used with care. Here's how to use ISO

How to Take Wideangle Portraits

Sometimes it's fun to break the rules. Why not try shooting some wideangle portraits? Richard Sibley shows how a wideangle lens can be used to take striking portrait pictures...

Night landscape photography

Night landscape photography

Sunrise and sunset are not the only times of the day when natural light is at its most interesting. Ever thought of taking pictures in the dark? Here’s everything you need to know about night landscape photography...

How to Clone Out Objects

Richard Sibley shows us how to clone out objects in Photoshop, focusing specifically on linear objects such as lamp posts and telegraph poles

How to Use Levels Adjustment Layers

Richard Sibley shows how to use Levels adjustment layers in Photoshop 
to create quick layer masks for selective control