Printing products

Printed products

Don’t leave your images languishing on your computer. We suggest ways you can show them off instead...

11 ways to make an impact with your shots

In a world saturated with imagery, your pictures have just a couple of seconds to make an impact. Most of the time it’s down to the photographer to work a little harder to sprinkle a touch of magic dust and…

Guide to DSLR Auto Modes

The automatic exposure modes do all the hard work for you so they're a good place to start. We run through them in our guide to DSLR auto modes

How to start a photography blog

How to start a photography blog

One of the most popular ways of getting your work online is to start a photography blog. Blogging isn’t difficult, but does require a greater commitment than simply uploading your images. For instance, you will have to promote it to…


How to mount your prints

David Moy and Max Schuelein of theprintspace in London talk to Oliver Atwell about the services the company offers and the best materials to mount your prints Knowing what to do with your images once they’ve been taken is a…

How to Make Your Own Lens Hood

A hood is a key accessory for any lens, protecting it and helping to reduce flare. However, it is seldom included when you buy second-hand. Tim Coleman looks at a cost-effective DIY alternative

How to use… Enlarger lenses

Enlarger lenses are among the cheapest good-quality optics available, so they are great for using on your camera to create unique images. Richard Sibley explains how

Autumn landscape photos

Autumn Landscape photos

Autumn is unquestionably the most photogenic season of the year. It’s as if the beautiful colours and endless leafy carpets are nature’s way of compensating us for any sadness we may feel about the end of summer and the imminent…

How to Shoot Portrait Photos at Home

Simplicity is often the key to success in portrait photography, as Ian Farrell shows in his portrait photography tips, using nothing other than window light, a reflector and a digital camera...

How to use white balance

White balance helps to ensure your colours are accurate. In our guide we show you how to use white balance to achieve great shots.

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How to shoot Autumn pictures

Autumn is the most photogenic season, so make the most of it by using our guide on how to shoot great Autumn pictures...