Lunar photography Corfe Castle

Get your own great lunar landscapes

Including the moon in a landscape image has its challenges, but Ollie Taylor knows how to overcome them and make the most of two popular passions

Ten easy ways to get great shots of UK landmarks

Professional photographer Daniel Lewis and Premier Inn have teamed up to provide some useful advice and insights, so here is a selection of tips for dear old Blighty’s most popular structures, landmarks and beauty spots. 1) The London Eye Don’t…

Avoid the cliches

How to avoid clichés in your photography

Bagging an iconic landscape is great for many photographers, but knowing when to explore alternatives is vital for expressing identity as an artist, says David Clapp

Arctic terns

Wildlife watch: Arctic terns

Capture Arctic terns during the summer when they are nesting at one of many seabird colonies in the UK, says Oscar Dewhurst

Andrew Fusek Peters frog spawn

How photography can heal your life

Following last year’s feature on how photography can help with mental health, Geoff Harris finds more stories that reveal the therapeutic power of image making