What is Lightroom and how to use it

With such a huge array of screens and tools, Adobe Lightroom can, at first glance, seem pretty daunting. However, initial impressions can be deceptive, because with a basic understanding of what the software can do and how it works, you’ll…

Lightroom mobile sync

Using Lightroom: Exporting images

1. Export To… The first decision to make is where you’re going to save your exported image. Images can be exported to a specific folder, to the same folder as the original raw file or you can choose the export…

Lightroom print module

Using Lightroom: the print module

Once you’ve edited your photos, you can do much more than simply export them as image files by using the print module. We offer advice on the key ways to publish your pictures.

Ian Williams-after

Photo Appraisal: Duck, Bradgate Park

Expert advice and tips on improving your photography from Damien Demolder. He gives his appraisal of Duck, Bradgate Park by Ian Williams, to see how it may be improved.

Swallowtail butterfly macro image

Top 12 Macro Photography Tips

Close-up macro photography is great for really bringing out the detail of your subject. Colin Varndell offers 12 creative macro photography tips


Wildlife Watch: Western capercaillie

In this Wildlife Watch, Andrew Mason writes why photographing capercaillie, a famously shy bird with only a small population in Scotland, is well worth the effort.

Photo editing masterclass: Demisting

Photoshop guru Martin Evening sorts out your photo-editing and post-processing problems. Here he discusses his technique for demisting images.

Abhilash Surendran after

Photo Appraisal: Mosque and pigeons

Expert advice and tips on improving your photography from Damien Demolder. He gives his appraisal of Mosque and Pigeons by Abhilash Surendran and offers advice on how it might be improved.

Landscape photography technique: forgetting foreground

In almost every article written about the art of landscape photography technique, we are told that foreground is key and that it is the most essential part of the overall composition. Without it, we are told, the image is dead,…

Photographing Oscar Pistorius

This is one of those pictures where our perception of it has changed due to the widely reported tragic events that occurred some time after. When I shot this image, Oscar Pistorius was one of the world’s most famous disabled…

How to capture great wildlife photography at home

  With so many photos of exotic wildlife from around the world filling websites and social media timelines every day, it’s easy to forget that beautiful wildlife photography can be taken anywhere. Our very own gardens are a perfect example…