Photographing snowdrops

The appearance of snowdrops is a sign that spring is on its way, but photographing them has unique challenges, as Robert Canis explains


How to photograph garden birds

It’s easy to take pictures of birds in your garden, we tell you how to photograph garden birds, and what kit to use.

action shot of football

How to shoot action and sports photography

Philip Andrews reveals his top sports photography techniques for capturing great sporting moments, regardless of whether it's a climactic rugby moment or an egg and spoon race at a school sports day.

Wildlife Watch: Knot roosts

A knot roost is an impressive spectacle as the birds twist and pulse in the sky. David Tipling offers tips on how to capture it in this Wildlife Watch.


Using Lightroom: Mobile editing

One way of using Lightroom to catalogue, edit and export images on the move is to download it to a laptop. This is great if you own a lightweight notebook, but lugging a heavy and bulky laptop around isn’t any…


Photo Appraisal: Karting

Expert advice and tips on improving your photography from Damien Demolder. He gives his appraisal of Karting by Ben Leslie, to offer advice on how it might be improved.

Develop Main

Using Lightroom: Develop module

The Develop module is where raw images are transformed into finished masterpieces. We look at the key features and offer essential tips


Using Lightroom: How to use the import module

This is where you begin to build your Lightroom Catalog. On the surface it’s fairly straightforward, but dig deeper and there are lots of features that can save you time and ensure you work more efficiently