Used cameras mountain pass

Used and approved

We sent four eminent, experienced photographers a range of used cameras and lenses. They tell Geoff Harris how they got on in the field


10 photography projects you can do at home

If you’re stuck at home but want to stretch your photography limbs, there are plenty of projects you can delve into from your home and garden. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that should keep you busy. Practice…

Guy Edwardes back-button focus lock

Top tips for achieving sharper wildlife photos

One of the biggest challenges in bird, animal and insect photography is focusing, especially with shy, fast-moving creatures. Three experts in the field share their best tips with Geoff Harris

Free Aurora HDR software

In partnership with leading software developer Skylum, we are delighted to offer AP readers the chance to get their hands on the award-winning Aurora HDR 2018 software for free. All you need to do is to enter your email address.…

Water search for spinning foam

How to photograph water: 20 top tips

Reflect on how you can improve your water photography skills as professionals Guy Edwardes, Ross Hoddinott and Claire Gillo share their top tips

WhiteWall Paper Development

Print your photos

We reveal WhiteWall’s ultimate printing guide for turning your photographs into works of art

how to digitise photos and slides

How to digitise photos and slides

Thought about digitising your archive of old prints or negs? Follow John Wade's expert tips and advice on how best to go about it

Kate Hopewell-Smith visual storytelling

The power of change

Sometimes, we need to consider making big changes. Tracy Calder talks to three photographers who embraced change - be it camera systems or their very way of life

Headshots clamshell lighting set-up

How to take better headshots

We visit the studio of professional portrait photographer Chris Bailey to see how he shoots headshots using Rotolight's AEOS and NEO 2 LEDs

How to take sharp photographs

How many times have you carefully set up your composition, then dialled in the aperture, shutter speed and ISO to get the exposure spot on, only to realise when you zoom in on your shot that your subject is a…


What are LUTs and how do you use them?

Keen to get a more distinctive look for your images, with more 'cinematic' colours and tones? As Geoff Harris explains, it's time to fall in love with LUTs