Using the Canon Camera Connect app

The introduction of Wi-fi into Canon’s DSLRs and PowerShot models has opened up new possibilities when it comes to shooting and sharing our images.

Terence Donovan: Portraits

Through his photography, Terence Donovan captured the 1960s’ spirit like nobody else, photo historian Robin Muir tells David Clark


Sports photography: Fever pitch

In 1966, Gerry Cranham photographed the World Cup final in colour. Fifty years on, he speaks to Richard Sibley about what it was like to shoot the most important football game ever played in this country


One Million Photographers competition

If you’re keen to not only get your images seen but also stand a chance to win a hefty cash prize for your trouble, then One Million Photographers could be the competition for you. Competition founder Martin Kimchi tells Oliver…

10 ways to get over a creative block

It happens to us all at some stage. We head out with a camera, fully intent on taking some great photographs, only to return home with an empty memory card feeling deflated and confused. It’s the photographic equivalent of writer’s…

Landscape photography

Take better landscape images

Landscape photography is one of the most popular and widely practised branches of photography, and with good reason: the UK is home to numerous national parks and thousands of square miles of truly stunning countryside, much of which is easily…

City sights: black & white modern architecture

The city, like any landscape, can be a photographic safari. The sweeping skylines and intricate details of the streets can be utilised to create images that are at once familiar yet at times strangely alien. If you look through any…

A single light source can produce striking results when used creatively

The magic of using just one light

Lighting techniques have been around far longer than photography. The basics of photography may have been formulated in the early 1800s, but photographic lighting principles have long been influenced by the great artists and painters dating back to centuries before.…

Andrew Mason kingfisher in motion

Wildlife watch: Kingfishers

With their bright blue-and-orange plumage, it’s easy to see why kingfishers make such great photographic subjects, says Andrew Mason

Michal Huniewicz on his photographic trip through North Korea

There’s something about North Korea that fascinates us. Bookshelves strain under the weight of volumes written by political analysts, curious journalists and the few who have escaped the clutches of the country’s grip. We’ve also been fortunate to see a…