How to set up your camera for faster shots

Sometimes your subject doesn't allow for you to take your time with composition or technique, and instead requires a quick trigger finger. Martin Evening shares these quick camera set-up tricks to speed up the process

18 Lightroom shortcuts to speed up your editing

Adobe's Lightroom is an impressive programme, and one that many photographers find vital in their editing process. Pro photographer Ben Hall runs through 18 Lightroom shortcuts that could save you valuable time and energy

Fred Mortagne California 2015

Action photography with Fred Mortagne

Photographer Fred Mortagne has built a career capturing the athletic skills of skateboarders. Oliver Atwell talks to him about light, location and Leica

Ali Shams street photography

Ali Shams: iPhone Street Photography

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Red squirrel in snow

How to photograph winter wildlife

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Harry Borden Survivor

Harry Borden: Surviving history

Although famous for his celebrity portraits, Harry Borden’s first book is a moving collection of Holocaust survivor portraits. It was partly an exploration of his own cultural heritage, he tells David Clark