In this Masterclass Tom Mackie shows three readers how to shoot and stitch fantastic panoramic images in the Yorkshire Dales. Gemma Padley joined them

Stitching the Images Together and Top Tips

 Top Tips

  1. Make
    sure your tripod and camera are level before shooting. This will enable
    you to rotate the camera smoothly across the scene. After you have
    levelled your tripod, mount your camera and use a hotshoe-mounted spirit
    level to check that the camera is level.

  2. Decide where your
    panoramic will start and finish, and pan across the scene, roughly
    planning your overlaps and the number of frames.

  3. To calculate
    your exposure, take a reading from an average part of the scene and,
    switching to manual mode, dial in the exposure. Use this for each frame
    you shoot, but watch out for changing light.

  4. Focus manually and
    start taking your shots. Move the camera to the right, making sure you
    overlap each frame by approximately a third. Continue this process until
    you have the desired number of frames.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Shooting Panoramic Images
  3. 3. Exposure
  4. 4. Stitching the Images Together and Top Tips
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