Tips and techniques on landscape photography, including how to shoot landscape photographs, best kit for landscape photography, specific landscape scenes, and everything else you might need to know about shooting great landscape images.


A location that could spring from the pages of The Lord of the Rings, Elgol is a magnet for landscape photographers, says Dave Fieldhouse

Landscape photography

There are a number of elements to consider for landscapes. Our experts highlight the importance of framing your scene, experimenting with depth of field, timing…


From vast open expanses of wasteland to ancient forests, Claire Gillo reveals why you should take a trip to Dartmoor

Garden tips

Claire Takacs shares her top tips on how to get stunning images of your garden

landscape photography

Our experts highlight the importance of working with available weather and light conditions, planning ahead, shooting with JPEGs and getting the maximum depth of field

The Lake District

Sadly the summer is almost on its way out, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack our cameras away. The Autumn may not have…

Loch Harport

A boat graveyard on the Isle of Skye offers plenty of scope for shots of peeling paint and old ropes, says Jeremy Walker