Photography has an increasingly important role to play in conservation, but it’s hard to translate a desire for change into reality. Tracy Calder speaks to founder and former editor of Wild Planet Photo Magazine, Keith Wilson, who is making a real difference right now.

Together Keith and photographer, Margot Raggett, have embarked on a truly remarkable journey to raise awareness of animals facing extinction to encourage change with their books Remembering Elephants and soon to follow, Remembering Rhinos. What started as a project to help protect elephants and fight ivory poaching has now translated into the start of series to help other animals in danger. After launching a Kickstarter campaign they raised enough money to cover the publishing costs of the book, Remembering Elephants. The pair were able to donate 100% of book sales to projects managed by the Born Free Foundation. Following the success of this book, Keith and Margot were keen to repeat the exercise with another animal in plight, this time the Rhino and hopefully many more to come.

Remembering Rhinos will be available in October 2017. Visit Remembering Elephants sold out just before Christmas, however, there are plans to reprint it. Visit

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