Video: Celebrating 30 years of EOS

March 15, 2017

In March 1987 Canon took what many viewed as a huge leap into the unknown. They abandoned the FD lens mount, which had been the optical mainstay of the company’s SLRs since 1958 and unveiled its new EOS system with its debut 650 SLR and a trio of new EF mount lenses. At the time this was a controversial move by Canon but we’re pleased to say that thirty years down the line, it was a decision well made.

The EOS System began with three core principles – speed, image quality and ease of use – which still remain at the heart of the system today. Fast forward 30 years from 1987 and the EOS System has seen over 80 million SLRs and 120 million EF lenses sold with the transition from an analogue world to a digital one negotiated along the way.

To reflect on the past 30 years of EOS, AP’s editor Nigel Atherton, went to Canon UK HQ to speak to their Product Intelligence Consultant, David Parry, about EOS past and present. With 43 EOS models on display they highlight some of the most key cameras that have pushed boundaries both technologically and aesthetically over the past 30 years.

In addition to our EOS anniversary video, the team at Amateur Photographer have put together a celebratory Canon supplement that will be published in the March 25 issue. In this 16-page special we take a closer look at the timeline history of EOS and some of the milestone cameras and lenses so far. We also highlight the current range and reveal the very latest models, the 800D, 77D and M6. To see just how far EOS has come, we speak to some of the world’s top Canon photographers to find out what cameras and lenses they’ve used over the years, and why, including their current kit to date. Along with their tributes to Canon EOS, they share some top shooting tips and stunning Canon imagery.

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