Cold-weather Tips

As the weather is turning, today's Quick Tips is all about the cold. How do you protect your gear (and yourself) from the frost?

Winter Photography Projects

Bored? In need of photography inspiration? Here are some suggestions for how to keep yourself occupied during the dark rainy nights of winter.


Craig Roberts discovers the charms of staircases, an often overlooked photographic opportunity

Americas Cup

The America’s Cup World Series is a premier racing circuit coming to Portsmouth from 23 - 26 July. Find out more about the event, and…

Look-up by Phil Hall

Try these photography project ideas to help inspire you, and possibly improve your photography skills at the same time.


Fancy shooting things old-style? Film might surprise you with its creative possibilities. Andrew Sanderson explains the basics

Star trails with the ruin of a priory in the foreground

It’s still possible to get unpolluted views of the night sky in the UK. Andrew Whyte reveals how to capture the heavens at their best…

Andrew Sanderson demonstrates how easy, beneficial and enjoyable it can be to process your own photographs in our essential guide to processing film

Darkroom printing isn’t as difficult as you may think and it can be done without a great deal of expense. Andrew Sanderson runs through the…

If you don’t have a winter scene suitable for a Christmas card, fear not, as Andrew Sydenham reveals how you can fake it in a…