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Tips and techniques on a range of photography skills, and advice from experts on specific photography techniques.

  • In-camera Dynamic Range Optimisation

    In-camera Dynamic Range Optimisation

    August 2, 2010

    Most current DSLRs have a dynamic range optimisation function designed to help record detail that would otherwise be lost. Angela Nicholson investigatestheir impact and how they work

  • Fisheye Photography

    Fisheye Photography

    July 27, 2010

    Fisheye lenses are useful in confined spaces and are perfect for adding quirky drama to images. Angela Nicholson takes a look at the super-wide world

  • How to get creative with blur

    How to get creative with blur

    June 5, 2010

    Escalating sensitivity levels, fast shutter speeds and high continuous shooting rates seem to have given us an obsession with capturing sharp, detailed images, but a bit of creative blur can do wonders for your photography. We explain how to get creative with blur.

  • Flower photography in the garden

    Flower photography in the garden

    May 8, 2010

    It's a great time of year for photographing flowers and plants outside. In our flower photography article Angela Nicholson offers some tips and explains how a few household items can help you take great flower images

  • Taking pictures of the snow

    January 8, 2010

    If you want to capture freshly fallen snow before it’s been trampled on, stick close to home, says Craig Roberts, as he shares his techniques for working in largely white landscapes