It happens to us all at some stage. We head out with a camera, fully intent on taking some great photographs, only to return home with an empty memory card feeling deflated and confused. It’s the photographic equivalent of writer’s block. The light’s okay, the location is interesting, you were feeling keen when you set off earlier that day, but then it’s like someone flicks a switch and your inspiration drifts away on the breeze and try as you might, you can’t seem to get it back.

Some photography enthusiasts see this as a sign that it’s time to find another hobby and hang up their cameras for good. But when you used to be passionate about something and that passion fades, there’s usually a simple explanation and a simple solution. In many cases it’s down to boredom. If you find yourself shooting the same subjects or locations month-in, month-out, chances are you’ll eventually run out of creative steam. You’ll stop feeling inspired, your ideas will run out and the photographs you do take will just make matters worse!