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Portrait photography

Our best-ever tips for portraits

Rules are made to be broken. Our experts suggest shooting as wide as possible, blowing highlights and experimenting with mixed lighting

Landscape photography

Our best-ever landscape photography tips

There are a number of elements to consider for landscapes. Our experts highlight the importance of framing your scene, experimenting with depth of field, timing and filters

panorama photoshop

How to make perfect panoramas

Photoshop's powerful panorama-building feature will extend the capture angle of your camera. Martin Evening shows you how

Birds tufted duck

Get great shots of winter birds

With low sunlight, as well as the prospect of frost and snow, winter is a great time to be out looking for birds to photograph, says Oscar Dewhurst

low-light shooting

Get better night shots of cities

Transform your cityscapes into breathtaking images by working harmoniously with ambient and city lights. Matt Parry shows you how


Location guide: Dartmoor

From vast open expanses of wasteland to ancient forests, Claire Gillo reveals why you should take a trip to Dartmoor

Seascape tips

How to take better sea shots

The winners of this year’s Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society photo contest have been announced. We speak to the winning photographers about how they shoot all manner of seascape scenes


Lens filters – how to use them properly

Filters are a failsafe way of getting great landscape and travel shots in-camera. James Abbott shares some essential filter tips for perfect exposures every time

HDR natural-looking HDR Southwold Pier

Get better HDR shots

A mere mention of high dynamic range (HDR) is enough to make many run a mile, but with careful use it can look great, reveals James Abbott

Lightroom search

Lightroom shoot-out: Classic vs CC

Does the new version of the much-loved Lightroom editor have the edge over its Classic companion? James Paterson weighs the pros and cons of each