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  1. Disabled photographer in waterfront ‘terror’ threat (update)

    An amateur photographer, who requires a carer, was stunned when security guards threatened to call anti-terror police over his photos of the Liverpool docks.

  2. Jessops shuts down unprofitable stores

    Jessops has closed four shops as the boss of Britain’s largest photographic chain rolls out plans to focus on more profitable stores in ‘higher profile locations’.

  3. New Sony DSLR lenses previewed

    AP previews Sony's new 85mm f/2.8 SAM and Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm f/2 ZA SSM lenses, both of which are designed for full frame DSLRs

  4. Sony debuts three DSLR lenses, UK prices revealed (update)

    Sony has bolstered its DSLR A-mount lens line-up with the announcement of three new optics.

  5. Denis Healey converts to digital photography

    Keen photographer Denis Healey, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, said he plans to take up digital photography for the first time.

  6. UK Photographers’ Rights – Print them out and keep them handy!

    Following on from the success of our AP Rights lens cloth, Amateur Photographer has uploaded a free, downloadable copy of your photography rights, for you to print off and keep handy in your wallet or camera bag.

  7. Leica to radically scale back UK repair service

    Leica customers will no longer be able to get their camera equipment repaired in the UK unless it needs only a basic cleaning service or a minor adjustment, Amateur Photographer has learned.

  8. Photography is ‘priority’ in terror law review, says Home Secretary (updated Wednesday)

    Use of counter-terrorism legislation in relation to 'photography' will be reviewed as a 'priority' as part of a rapid overhaul of anti-terrorism laws, the Home Secretary has announced today.

  9. Leica camera bosses: We are back

    Leica is back in profit and set for future growth thanks to an efficiency drive and surge in sales boosted by its new cameras, the S2, M9 and X1.

  10. Photographers wary after terror law change

    Photographers have welcomed changes to anti-terror laws but warn that police still have the power to stop and search using Section 43 of the Terrorism Act.

  11. Photographer suspected of being ‘terrorist’ outside Buckingham Palace

    Jules Mattsson, the young photographer prevented from taking pictures of police cadets in Romford ten days ago, has been stopped today outside Buckingham Palace under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act, according to a report on Twitter.

  12. Terror laws a ‘threat’ to freelance photographers, survey finds (update 11.35am)

    Laws affecting photography in public places pose a threat to the livelihood of freelance photographers, a survey by the British Photographic Council has found.

  13. Photographers ‘flashmob’ Scotland Yard over terrorism law

    Photographers yesterday descended on New Scotland Yard to mark last week’s landmark European decision that police use of Section 44 stop-and-search is unlawful.

  14. Photographers can sue over Section 44 terror law abuse, says lawyer

    Photographers are entitled to claim damages against police over misuse of anti-terrorism stop-and-search laws after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the UK Government’s appeal over Section 44, a media lawyer has said.

  15. UK Government reacts to European stop and search appeal rebuff (update with court’s letter)

    The Home Office has issued a statement following yesterday's European rejection of a UK Government appeal over the legality of Section 44 anti-terrorism stop-and search tactics.

  16. Illegality of stop and search terror law upheld by European court, says Liberty

    The European Court of Human Rights has rejected the former Government's appeal against a court ruling that police use of Section 44 stop-and-search powers is illegal, according to a statement released by Liberty.

  17. Counterfeit ‘Pentax’ lenses among gear seized in raid

    Fake Pentax and Canon-branded lenses were among a stash of £1/2m counterfeit camera bags that were seized in a raid in Manchester, Amateur Photographer (AP) has learned.

  18. Police chiefs: ‘Everyone has right to take photographs’ (update 30 June)

    The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has spoken out after a young photographer was stopped while taking pictures of police cadets last weekend.

  19. ‘Fake’ camera cases worth £1/2m seized in Canon sting (update with pics 11.04am)

    A man has been arrested after fake camera cases worth £1/2m were seized in a sting operation orchestrated by Canon and Trading Standards.

  20. Police ‘reasonably suspected’ photographer was terrorist

    Police claim they had grounds to ‘reasonably suspect’ that a photographer was a terrorist when they stopped and searched him in Trafalgar Square last week.

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