Lenses for Less than £60

You don't have to spend a fortune to bulk up your lens line-up. Richard Sibley looks at just what you can find for £60 or less

Last-generation lenses

We’ve chosen some excellent discontinued lenses that cost a lot less than their replacements yet are often a match in optical quality

Classic digital cameras round up

Mat Gallagher and Tim Coleman try out four classic digital cameras that were highly desirable in their time to see if their second-hand prices still make them viable options

Best inkjet papers

We list what are the best inkjet papers, and the best inkjet papers when on a budget

Professional-level results? Entry-level DSLRs

We would all love to produce consistent professional-quality images, but doesn't that require the appropriate, and very expensive, gear? Not at all, says Tim Coleman, as he explains why Canon's EOS 1100D and Nikon's D3100 entry-level DSLRs could save you…

Bargain lenses

You don't have to spend a fortune buying lenses for your DSLR, as there are many excellent and interesting optics that cost less than £150. Richard Sibley rounds up a selection of bargain lenses

Multi-functional Printers

No longer the jack-of-all-trades and master of none, A4 multi-functional printers are now sleek machines that can save a lot of space on your desktop. Richard Sibley takes a look at a range of models on the market

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 vs Samsung NX10

The larger APS-C format of the Samsung NX10 goes up against the Micro Four Thirds system of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 as we test two micro-system cameras in our Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 vs Samsung NX10 camera test

Nikon D3X vs Sony Alpha 850

Both the Nikon D3X and Sony Alpha 850 have more than 24.5 million pixels, yet the D3X costs around £3,100 more. Richard Sibley finds out what you get for the extra cash in our Nikon D3X vs Sony Alpha 850

Canon EOS 550D vs Nikon D90

Canon's EOS 550D offers a more affordable alternative to the top-of-the-range APS-C-format EOS 7D, but can it compete against the slightly more mature Nikon D90? We find out in our test: Canon EOS 550D vs Nikon D90

Canon EOS 7D vs Pentax K-7

In a sea of minor updates, it's nice to see some fresh DSLR blood 
in the form of two high-resolution DSLRs. We compare the Canon EOS 7D 
vs Pentax K-7 to see which one comes out on top

Best flashguns of 2011

A decent flashgun can make a huge difference to your photography. Tim Coleman takes a look at the best of the year’s releases and accessories

Portrait accessories

Taking great portraits need not require lots of expensive lighting equipment. There are a number of other useful portrait accessories that can help you get the most from your people shots

Camera cleaning products

Keeping your camera and lenses clean is essential for optimum image quality. We've gathered together some great camera cleaning products to help keep your gear spotless