Best SD memory cards

AP has brought together the highest-performing SD memory cards from some of the biggest brands in memory storage and tested their performance

Best ball heads

As one of the most popular types of tripod head, the ball head comes in many varieties. We test a selection of the best 'regular' ball heads available

Third-party macro lenses

Richard Sibley compares AP’s Fixed Focal Length Lens of the Year, the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro, with 90mm and 100mm optics from Tamron and Tokina, and explains why such focal lengths are so enduringly popular

Best portable hard drives

As your photo collection grows, the storage and protection of your images becomes ever more important. Jon Stapley round up six of the best portable hard drives on the market

Best professional DSLRs

Discover which DSLRs the professionals shoot with, with our round up of the best professional DSLRs...


Camera Accessories

There are many camera accessories available for your DSLR that can enhance your picture-taking. Here’s a selection of the camera accessories you might need. Flashgun The flash that is built into most cameras is adequate for emergencies but suffers from…

Fast telephoto zoom lenses

The fast, full-frame 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom is a very popular lens. We test five of the best proprietary and third-party versions

Best sling straps

Single shoulder-sling straps help to keep a camera close to hand and bring it quickly to the eye. Jon Stapley tests six of the best

Best cameras of 2013 so far

Read our round up of the best cameras of 2013, so far! We'll be updating this list with new launches so keep checking back to make sure you know which is the most exciting camera of 2013...

Best tripod alternatives

There are times when a tripod is too heavy, unaccommodating or simply not permitted, but there are plenty of other options. We round up the best tripod alternatives

Fast-aperture compacts

A fast aperture is a big selling point for top-end compact cameras. Tim Coleman pushes seven of the best models to the limit to see which one comes out on top

All-in-one Printers for Photographers

Few enthusiasts have the space or money to devote large-format home printing. The solutions is an A4 all-in-one printer. Vincent Oliver looks at three of the best options

Raw Conversion Software

Raw conversion software is not all the same, as each has strengths and weaknesses that affect your images in very different ways. Richard Sibley compares seven third-party raw converters to see which resolves the most detail

Lenses for Less than £60

You don't have to spend a fortune to bulk up your lens line-up. Richard Sibley looks at just what you can find for £60 or less

Last-generation lenses

We’ve chosen some excellent discontinued lenses that cost a lot less than their replacements yet are often a match in optical quality