Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D

March 6, 2017

Canon has introduced two new DSLR cameras to its range – as we’ve seen before, the differences between the two are relatively subtle. Here we’ll go through some of the key specifications to see how the two cameras stack up against each other – as well as a brief look at how they compare with their predecessors, the EOS 760D and the EOS 750D.

You may have noticed that Canon has gone in a slightly different direction when it comes to the naming of its new models. The 800D replaces the 750D, in a standard upgrade convention. The 77D however is the replacement for the 760D. Designed to be the slightly more advanced model, this new double digit naming style for this camera is supposed to denote that it sits just below the 80D in the line-up, rather than just above the 800D.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Sensor

Both of the cameras use the same sensor, a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. In fact it’s the same as the sensor found inside the enthusiast level 80D camera, so it should perform very nicely. It’s a Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor, which brings with it improvements to autofocus.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Autofocus

The new cameras can both boast the “world’s fastest autofocus” for Live View – when we’re talking about interchangeable lens APS-C cameras which use phase-difference detection AF. Basically, that means that the camera can focus in just 0.03 seconds while shooting in Live View, which is a decent upgrade from the 750D/760D.

There’s more in the way of autofocus upgrades, as the new cameras both boast a 45-point all cross-type autofocus system. That compares with the 760D/750D’s 19-point system – you should now have a better spread across the frame to choose from.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Screen

Both the 77D and the 800D feature a 3-inch vari-angle touch-sensitive screen with 1040k-dots. This gives you good scope for shooting from different angles – which is made more appealing by the improvements to focusing in Live View.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Viewfinder

Another identical specification here. The cameras have an optical viewfinder which offers 95% coverage and 0.82x magnification.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Processor

As we expected to happen, Canon’s top-end processor is filtering through Canon’s range as new cameras are announced. The 77D and the 800D are both equipped with a Digic 7 processor, which brings with it improvements to various things including frame rate.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Frame rate

This is a notable improvement from the 760D and the 750D. Both the 77D and the 800D can shoot at 6fps, with unlimited JPEG capture and up to 27 raw shots. By contrast, the older models could only shoot at 5fps, for 940 JPEGs or 8 raw files. While it’s true that the new cameras aren’t strictly aimed at sports or nature photographers, with this improvement, enthusiasts and beginners can better capture action.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Video

There’s no 4K video shooting available on either of the new cameras, which is bound to disappoint some. You get Full HD video shooting at up to 60fps, while there are other functions including HDR movie and time-lapse features which may also appeal. The 77D has 5-axis image stabilisation to help keep your video nice and smooth, too.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Connectivity

While both the cameras share the same connectivity options, the introduction of Bluetooth is a new feature compared with the 760D and 750D. The new Bluetooth option allows for an “always-on” low-power connection so you can quickly control the camera without having the extra hassle of setting up a full Wi-Fi connection. Of course, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity are also included.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Design

With the internal specifications of the camera being nigh-on identical, we have to look at the design to find how the two cameras differ. As the 77D is aimed at a slightly more advanced audience, it has a top panel LCD which is perfect for checking key settings quickly. Meanwhile, it also has dual control wheels – one on top of the camera, and other other on the back. By contrast, the 800D doesn’t have a top-screen, and it’s a button only design on the back of the camera. The dimensions of both the cameras are the same, but the 800D is slightly a few grams lighter – presumably because of the differences in design.

Both cameras have an option for a guided interface to help walk you through some of the functions of the camera and how to use them to best effect, but the 800D has that feature straight of the box.

Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D: Price

In order to get your hands on the slightly more advanced design of the 77D you can expect to pay £829.99 (body only), or £919 in a kit with the new 18-55mm lens. The 800D meanwhile is available for £779  body only, or £869 with the new lens.

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