In a sea of minor updates, it's nice to see some fresh DSLR blood 
in the form of two high-resolution DSLRs. We compare the Canon EOS 7D 
vs Pentax K-7 to see which one comes out on top

Viewfinder, LCD, Live View and video

Both cameras have a 3in, 920,000-dot (307,000-pixel) LCD screen, 100% viewfinders and can record HD video. However, while the EOS 7D’s viewfinder has a magnification of 1x, the K-7’s is a 0.92x unit. The EOS 7D’s finder is noticeably larger and brighter than the K-7’s. When using the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro lens with the appropriate mount on each camera, I found it easier to focus manually with the Canon camera.

Unlike the K20D, but like the EOS 7D, the K-7 has a fully rounded Live View system that offers contrast and phase-detection AF, as well as face-detection AF. Significantly, the K-7’s screen provides a clear view of the scene being composed and the 10x magnified view is very useful when focusing manually.

However, I found that I tended to adjust the focus back and forwards a little before I could settle on the correct point. This isn’t a major problem, but the slightly higher contrast of the EOS 7D’s screen meant I could be more confident and positive when focusing the lens manually.

Thanks to the new screen construction used by Canon (the gap between the display crystals and the glass is filled with an optical elastic that has a similar refractive index to the glass), the EOS 7D’s monitor suffers a little less from reflections than that of the Pentax K-7.

With the ability to record HD video at 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD) at 30fps, 25fps or 24fps, the Canon EOS 7D trumps the 1280×720-pixels, 30fps movie recording of the K-7. Perhaps more important, though, is that both cameras capture high-quality footage and have external mic sockets so that audio can be recorded without the distracting sound of hand movements and so on.

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