A decent flashgun can make a huge difference to your photography. Tim Coleman takes a look at the best of the yearu2019s releases and accessories

Flash accessories

Quantum Turbo 3 power packQuantum Turbo 3, £585

Available from: www.flaghead.co.uk

Quantum’s most recent power pack, the Turbo 3, provides a hotshoe flashgun with power for 1,050 full-power flashes.

It can power two flashguns simultaneously and reduces recycling time from 3.5secs to less than a second. We reviewed the Turbo 3 in AP 17 July and awarded it four stars.

It is compatible with most flashguns, but check the website for details. Cables for Nikon and Canon flash connection are not included.

Nissin Power Pack PS300Nissin Power Pack PS300, £399.99

Available from: www.nissindigital.com

For use with the Nissin Di866 Professional flashgun, the company claims the PS300 enables a 0.7sec flash recycle time and up to 300 full-power flashes using Ni-MH batteries.

There are two sockets to power up to two flashguns at the same time.

The power pack supports the Di866 in Canon (C) and Nikon (N) fits, and includes cables. Cables can be bought separately for Metz (M) and Sony (S) fits.

Hähnel Combi TF remote control and flash triggerHähnel Combi TF, £59.99

Available from: www.hahnel.ie

We reviewed the Hähnel Combi TF remote control and flash trigger in AP 27 November and awarded it five stars.

It includes a remote and receiver, and the device acts as a flash trigger.

Extra receivers can be bought for £35 each to trigger multiple non-wireless flashguns.

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