The Sony Alpha 65 single lens translucent camera features the same class-leading 24.3-million-pixel sensor as the Alpha 77, yet costs £350 less. We find out how it performs

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Sony Alpha 65

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Sony Alpha 65 review


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White Balance & Colour

A colour bit depth of 23.4 bits, as measured by DxO Labs (, is very good for a camera at this level. I mainly used the standard colour mode because in good light the colours are punchy and vivid. Sony Alpha cameras, including the Alpha 65, typically show a strong rendition of greens and blues, which is great for landscape use.

There are several picture effects for the creative use of colour, including pop color, posterization (color or black & white), partial color (with yellow, red, green or blue options), high-contrast mono and rich-tone mono. All the picture effects are available in JPEG format only because in-camera processing is applied.

White balance is accurate enough in virtually all situations, and taking a custom white balance reading is a quick process


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