With the focus on Sony’s SLT technology-wielding Alpha 33 and 55 cameras, have we all been passing over a perfectly capable DSLR? Sony offers up the Alpha 580 for your consideration

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Sony Alpha 580

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Sony Alpha 580 review


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Dynamic range

As is the case with the Alpha 55, the Alpha 580 has a solid dynamic range of 11-12EV. For any situations where the dynamic range is tested beyond its capabilities, the D-range button accesses HDR and dynamic range optimiser (DRO) modes to help fill in the lost detail and boost dynamic range.

The auto HDR mode has been optimised, although at times I find it removes some of the punch found with a regular image, and has a tendency to do the same to the DRO by lightening the darker shadow areas too much. That said, I had a lot of fun using this mode. The dynamic-range optimiser is handy as its single-frame capture can be used in scenes with movement.

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