With the focus on Sony’s SLT technology-wielding Alpha 33 and 55 cameras, have we all been passing over a perfectly capable DSLR? Sony offers up the Alpha 580 for your consideration

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Sony Alpha 580

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Sony Alpha 580 review


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White balance and Colour

As I have come to expect from Sony’s Alpha cameras, images taken using the standard colour mode are bright and punchy, without overdoing it. In sunny conditions, for example, there is no need to use the vibrant colour setting. Further colour modes can be accessed via the function menu and manually fine-tuned. I did notice some colour fringing around the edges of tree branches against a bright sky in a couple of my images.

Auto white balance throws no curveballs. In natural light it performs fine, but as with most AWB systems it produces results that are too warm under tungsten light. The tungsten setting almost goes too far the other way, producing rather clinical, cool results, although this can be fine-tuned by ±3.

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