Consolidating Sony’s entry-level SLT line-up, the Alpha 58 replaces both the Alpha 37 and Alpha 57. Phil Hall finds out how successful the merger has been. Read the Sony Alpha 58 review...

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Sony Alpha 58

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Sony Alpha 58 review


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Sony Alpha 58 review – Metering

Image: The Alpha 58’s 1,200-zone evaluation metering system has coped well with this challenging scene

The Alpha 58’s metering system is very good, and features a choice of multi-segment, centreweighted or spot metering modes, calculated via the camera’s 1,200-zone evaluative metering system. In our tests, the multi-segment metering performed well, exposing well for most scenes, though on occasion in bright situations it did have a slight tendency to underexpose the shot, requiring a touch of exposure compensation to rectify.

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