With its 16.1-million-pixel sensor, 15-point AF and 10fps with continuous AF, Sony’s Alpha 57 may suit aspiring wildlife and action photographers

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Sony Alpha 57

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Sony Alpha 57 review


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LCD, viewfinder and video

A 3in articulated LCD screen is included on the Sony Alpha 57, with a resolution of 921,000 dots. It is movable from a hinge at the bottom of the camera. The screen is clear, with a high-contrast display. Unlike DSLRs, the fixed mirror allows constant exposure of the sensor to light and an uninterrupted use of live view, which in DSLRs is disrupted temporarily during a shutter cycle.

As an LCD unit rather than the OLED type found in the Alpha 65 and Alpha 77, the EVF’s display is not as bright and has less contrast. Compared to others at this price point, however, the Alpha 57’s EVF stands up well. Focus magnify at 4.8x and 9.5x magnification make the viewfinder and EVF even more useful, especially when combined with peaking to indicate the point of focus.

Video files can be recorded in AVCDH2 format at a class-leading 50fps and 25fps.

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