As a pared-down version of the Alpha 550, is Sony’s latest DSLR, the Alpha 450, the right choice for enthusiast photographers on a budget? Find out in our Sony Alpha 450 review

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Sony Alpha 450

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Sony Alpha 450 review


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When shooting raw images at low sensitivity settings, it is possible to recover some of these shadows without introducing too much image noise.

Those photographers who primarily shoot JPEG images will benefit from using the DRO feature and setting it to help lift the shadow areas.

For more precise metering, the centre and spot modes work well. When I tested both of these against a grey card I found that they measured 130 out of 255, making them almost an exact midtone.


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Build and handling
  4. 4. Viewfinder, LCD and Live View
  5. 5. Autofocus
  6. 6. Resolution, noise and sensitivity
  7. 7. Dynamic range
  8. 8. Metering
  9. 9. White balance and colour
  10. 10. Our Verdict
  11. 11. The competition
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