Sony’s latest entry-level SLT camera shows that a tight budget need not mean compromising on specification. We find out if it hits the mark. Read the Sony Alpha 37 review...

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Sony Alpha 37

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Sony Alpha 37 review


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LCD, viewfinder and video

The LCD screen has gained the popular tilt control from other Alpha and NEX models, allowing a 135° up and 55° downwards rotation. This is useful for high-, waist- and, in particular, ground-level shooting. The downside, however, is that, in adding the tilt, the resolution of the 2.7in screen has dropped to a very basic 230,000-dot resolution. While this is usable, and it copes well with bright reflections, it is no match for the 3in, 921,000-dot screens we have come to expect from modern cameras.

The viewfinder, however, has been made larger than that on the Alpha 35, with 48% more pixels. This makes a difference when composing and certainly adds to the viability of an electronic viewfinder. In fact, with the added information available via this screen, it is hard to miss the optical view.

Video is captured in 1920×1080 pixels in a choice of 60/50i or 24/25p in AVCHD format, or 30p in MP4 format. Unusually for an entry-level model, the Alpha 37 features not only an in-built mono microphone, but also an external microphone input.

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