Sony’s latest entry-level SLT camera shows that a tight budget need not mean compromising on specification. We find out if it hits the mark. Read the Sony Alpha 37 review...

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Sony Alpha 37

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Sony Alpha 37 review


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White balance and colour

The auto white balance performs well in a range of environments, providing neutral colours throughout. The option of four different fluorescent settings is handy for indoor work, while the custom set-up allows the use of spot focus to pick a neutral or white area in the scene for reference. These are extremely handy options when shooting JPEGs, though less of an issue for raw.

Colours straight from the camera look bright and punchy, but still natural. Most JPEGs could be considered ‘print ready’ without the need for any adjustment.

The creative styles in the Fn menu provide vivid, portrait, landscape and sunset presets, along with fine-tuning of contrast, saturation and sharpness for each.

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