Sony’s latest entry-level SLT camera shows that a tight budget need not mean compromising on specification. We find out if it hits the mark. Read the Sony Alpha 37 review...

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Sony Alpha 37

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Sony Alpha 37 review


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Dynamic range

The image contains lots of detail in the shadow areas that can be easily revealed in post-processing. However, noise levels are increased

Sony Alpha cameras have all performed well in dynamic range tests, with the previous Alpha 35 offering 12.7EV from Although final measurements for the Alpha 37 are not yet available, from our test images it appears this sensor is equally impressive. Shadow areas contain huge amounts of unseen detail that can be rescued in editing software, and while slightly noisy, this means that by exposing for the highlights it is possible to capture a much wider range.

The addition of HDR controls, which combine multiple images, also works to extend the range further. The fast frame rate means that in reasonable light this can be performed handheld without the risk of blurring.

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