The Alpha 35 features a refined version of the 16.2-million-pixel sensor that we loved in the Alpha 55, yet it is Sony’s new entry-level SLT camera

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LCD, Viewfinder and video

What is likely to elicit most grumbles is Sony’s removal of the vari-angle LCD screen. While it is stated that this will be reflected in the cost, and is likely to give a greater differentiation between the Alpha 35 and whatever the Alpha 55 is replaced with, I think that action photographers and video users will, like me, miss having the angled screen, with more awkward angles becoming tricky to shoot. That said, it is fine for more regular angles, and gives a good angle of view.

I am impressed with the quality of the display itself: it is bright and, thanks to TruBlack technology, gives deep and rich colours. As before, the screen is 3in with a 921,000-dot resolution. Be aware, though, that it needs regular cleaning because its surface is prone to finger marks.

An angled screen is helpful not only for awkward shooting angles, but also for clearer viewing in bright light because it can be angled away from reflections. Fortunately, when bright daylight is an issue, the 1.15-million-dot EVF is bright and easy to use. It gives a 100% field of view, which is very helpful for accurate framing, and is particularly useful when I want to preview the effect of changes in exposure. Once you are familiarised with the button layout, menus can be navigated without taking your eye away from the viewfinder.

Video is a strong feature of Sony’s SLT cameras and in the Alpha 35 the 1080i HD videos are well complemented by an able AF system and options for external microphones.

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