The Alpha 35 features a refined version of the 16.2-million-pixel sensor that we loved in the Alpha 55, yet it is Sony’s new entry-level SLT camera

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Sony Alpha 35

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Sony Alpha 35 review


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The Sony Alpha 35’s 1,200-zone evaluative metering is the same as that used in the first-generation SLT models; as before, it is intelligent in recognising where the subject is in the frame.

It also strikes a good balance between highlights and shadow areas. This allows image detail to be recovered from both ends of the dynamic range and, for the few situations in which the metering struggles, spot and centreweighted control are available and can be speedily employed.

Image:  Even in standard mode, colours are punchy without requiring post-capture manipulation

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Build and handling
  4. 4. White balance and colour
  5. 5. Metering
  6. 6. Noise, Resolution and sensitivity
  7. 7. Autofocus
  8. 8. LCD, Viewfinder and video
  9. 9. Dynamic range
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