The Alpha 35 features a refined version of the 16.2-million-pixel sensor that we loved in the Alpha 55, yet it is Sony’s new entry-level SLT camera

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Sony Alpha 35

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Sony Alpha 35 review


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All SLT models are almost 30% smaller and lighter than Sony’s equivalent Alpha 560 and 580 DSLRs. This is achieved through the use of an EVF, so removing the need for an optical prism. At 124.4x92x84.7mm, the Alpha 35 is as impressively compact as its predecessor and its older stablemate.

However, it has shed a little weight and comes in lighter than the other two at 473g, including battery and memory card. I put this down to the fact that the LCD screen is now a fixed unit, which reduces the necessary circuitry.

Not only is the Alpha 35 the same in size, but its button layout is almost identical to Sony’s other SLTs. All key functions are within a finger’s reach on the camera’s exterior, and the textured handgrip fits the hand perfectly. The only distinguishable difference is the fixed LCD screen.

Image-hungry shooters – which will no doubt apply to anyone interested in the Alpha 35 – will appreciate the improved battery life. At 440 shots from a full charge, it is not only capable of 100 more shots than its predecessor, but also 60 more than the Alpha 55. Generally, then, the Alpha 35 handles very well indeed, and even users unfamiliar with Sony cameras will quickly get used to it.

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