Could a small, mirrorless camera that features a 14.6-million-pixel APS-C-sized sensor give the Micro Four Thirds format a run for its money? We find out

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Samsung NX10

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Samsung NX10 review


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White balance and colour

The NX10’s colour reproduction was very good throughout the test. In its daylight and automatic white balance settings the white balance is relatively neutral, and the tungsten setting performs extremely well and produces a nice neutral tone.Setting a custom white balance, by taking a reading from a grey card, also results in completely neutral images, with each of the red, green and blue channels measuring exactly the same density. Adjusting the image colour settings via the Picture Wizard menu is simple, and there is a wide range of preset options available. Of these settings I found the Vivid and Black & White options particularly effective.

There are also three custom image style banks available in the Picture Wizard menu, which allow you to store three of your own image settings – something I found particularly useful for achieving a washed-out colour effect when shooting video footage.

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