Based on the Pentax K-m, the latest K-x has inherited a number of features from the K-7 to entice the entry-level photographer. We put it to the test.

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Pentax K-xLike the K-m, the Pentax K-x is one of the smallest and lightest DSLRs available. Despite its size, the depth of the handgrip makes it comfortable to hold. It is also possible to use the camera single-handed and still change the shutter speed and aperture settings.

The rear of the K-x has the usual selection of shortcut buttons to alter the most regularly used settings. In addition, there is a green function button to which the user can assign one of the features they use the most. Pressing the Info button shows an extended shooting menu on the rear screen, which changes other features such as the picture mode, image file format, metering, AF modes and the HDR shooting feature.

Using the camera’s more in-depth menus is also straightforward, with most features appropriately named and easy to find. There are 22 different items in the custom menu. These can adjust a host of settings, ranging from the order of the auto bracketing to activating the expanded ISO sensitivity settings.

Although there are a huge number of settings, there is also a range of automated scene modes to help those learning photography to get good results. Apart from the addition of a dedicated Live View button and the opportunities that Live View offers, the Pentax K-x handles in a similar way to the K-m.

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