This new mid-level DSLR offers a highly competitive feature list that will please current Pentax owners and new users alike, but does it have enough clout to ruffle the competition?

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Pentax K-r

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Pentax K-r review


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Dynamic range

Image: Snow scene with +1.7EV

The K-r has been recorded as having a score of 12.5EV from DxO labs, which puts it ahead of much of its direct competition. This is in part thanks to the more sparsely populated sensor, and makes it a sensible choice for landscape fans.

Similar scores were achieved by the older K-x, which is to be expected as both cameras use an almost identical sensor. The dynamic range can be extended further using the highlight and shadow correction, or by employing the HDR function.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Dual Battery choice
  4. 4. Build and Handling
  5. 5. White balance and Colour
  6. 6. Metering
  7. 7. Autofocus
  8. 8. Noise, Resolution and Sensitivity
  9. 9. Dynamic range
  10. 10. Viewfinder, LCD, Live View and Video
  11. 11. Our Verdict
  12. 12. The Competition
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