This new mid-level DSLR offers a highly competitive feature list that will please current Pentax owners and new users alike, but does it have enough clout to ruffle the competition?

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Pentax K-r

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Pentax K-r review


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Image: Although this image was taken in near darkness using a tripod and low ISO, the results are crisp and clean

The 16-segment metering system is certainly no slacker, as we have seen in both the K-5 and 645D models, and in general conditions it gives a nice even midtone.

Given a wider range of exposures, the multi-segment metering tends to favour the highlights and can often underexpose a scene to avoid losing any bright detail. For those shooting in raw mode this is ideal, as you are easily able to pull more detail out of the shadows in processing.

When shooting in JPEG, however, I sometimes needed to adjust the exposure compensation by up to 2 stops to produce my required exposure. The information on the image review screen offers a choice of either singular or multiple histograms for RGB values, allowing you to check your tone range instantly.

There are also options for both highlight and shadow correction, to boost the camera’s range. There is even an in-camera HDR function that takes three images in quick succession and combines them for a wider dynamic range.

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