This new mid-level DSLR offers a highly competitive feature list that will please current Pentax owners and new users alike, but does it have enough clout to ruffle the competition?

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Pentax K-r

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Pentax K-r review


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Dual Battery choice

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the K-r is its ability to take both a dedicated Li-Ion rechargeable battery and standard AA-type batteries.

This is relatively common in additional battery grips, and although we’ve seen AA batteries in a DSLR before, this is the first time there has been the choice of dedicated Li-Ion or AA in the body. The thought process is simple: if your rechargeable battery runs out unexpectedly or you can’t charge your battery for a long time, you can easily buy some new AA batteries – or keep some in your bag – and carry on shooting.

The one downside to this setup is that to use AA batteries the camera needs a special holder that must be bought separately for an additional £30, which seems a little miserly for such a useful addition to the camera.

Also, as a separate holder is required, it must be carried separately to the camera, ready for use. It seems a shame that the battery holder couldn’t have been designed to hold the AA batteries without a holder, although there obviously needs to be space to fit the square Li-Ion battery.

Interestingly, the included rechargeable battery is expected to give less than half the number of shots that a set of AA batteries would: roughly 470 per charge as opposed to 1,000 with AA units. Perhaps the answer is for a more unusually shaped rechargeable unit to fit the AA space, like those on professional DSLRs. That said, if buying the K-r, it is definitely worth adding the battery holder to your shopping basket.

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